Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi Febuary the month of LOVE.

Here we are again!
everyone is finally back to our howntown
managed to gather 2gtr this time!=))
Actually i supposed to meet Ming Ying & her bf from KL for tea and catch up with each other.
so we went for lunch 2gtr wif some other high school frens.
After having our lunch,we saw Denise and Julia in the shopping mall.
so coincident!
We decided to join them n have tea 2gtr for the second time @ Nadeje wif Stella,Tzong Meng and her relatives from KL as well.

Before the outing,i camwhore check out which angle is the best when taking pictures!haha

Headed to Vivian's 21st birthday celebration at her house in the evening.
the party was quite grand and I love her custom-made dress and cake.=)

Its party time!
U know what,i only drank Coke and Sky juice in the club for the 1st time.
The reason is because i was not feeling well.
i went there just to sweat.Lol
however,i drank 2 lil sips from Leslie =P
Looking forward to Febuary!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Kin Kin's chilli pan mee is the best of the best pan mee I have ever tasted so far!*saliva dripping*
Once you've tried this pan mee,im sure dat u wouldnt wanna eat other pan mee anymore!
its just so addictive and simply irresistible!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think i kena this pan mee charm dy!lol!
everytime im craving of it when im in my hometown but this pan mee is only available at KL town which is at Pandan Indah.
so everytime i go 2 KL,i sure will go to dat shop and eat it.
if not,i will be very weak!its just like my drugs u know!haha!
Fyi,there is another branch located at Jalan Loke Yew,but i recommend u this Pandah Indah branch cuz its much cleaner and its air-conditioned!

There will be a nice half boiled egg on the pan mee.
The first step you should do is,
Poke the egg yolk so that the yolk flows out.
Mix the noodle together with the egg.

Then, put this chilli.
lastly,put the noodle into ur mouth and enjoy it!!=))

This dry chilli is super spicy.
its not like the one at the Face to Face Noodle house wan,dat wan not spicy at all.
for the 1st timers,dun be greedy,
put half spoon of chilli into ur pan mee,mix and taste it 1st so dat u can estimate which level of hotness u can tahan!haha!

This is the vege soup that comes together with the pan mee.

Hungry to eat,thisty to drink!
where is my food and drink??=/
someone is waiting patiently for pan mee!!

On the next day, we headed to KAYU nasi kandar,Aman Suria branch.
They sell mamak food but
the place there is like a 5 star mamak stall! i should say,RESTAURANT!
seriously damn clean and got standard!
but he have 2 pay for the nice environment oso la cuz this is not a normal mamak stall by the roadside!lol

The tallest Roti Tissue!

This ABC is quite nice and it cost abt RM 4.50.
same price as those dessert house mia standard boy!=P

I know these 2 pictures are very random but i found it recently in the com!
it was my birthday celebration 2 years ago!
i was the star dat day!aha!=))

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Surprise" party.

The month of January is a very happening month for me,
New year,New beginning,outings,shopping as well as friend's birthday celebrations.
This time im gonna blog about my buddy's birthday!
He is Vincent Lim Yeong Sheng!
We knew each other for like soooo long and im glad dat we all are still so close cuz i hardly contact and hang out with them ever since I went 2 KL for my further studies.
Whenever we meet,we still have alot of topics to talk to.
We dont feel awkward at all.
Anyway,i hope u had a blast on dat day and goodluck in ur future undertakings my dearest fren!=)

This is the present for the birthday boy from all of us!
Look at the wrapper!
its so UNIQUE,NICE, and yet SPECIAL rite?*see Vincent's pathetic face*
It was Lim Chun Yian's idea!
So Vincent was so excited and he unwrap the present layer by layer.
fyi,there are a few layers u knoe!
see how creative chun yian is!=P

Taa dahh!!
The present was finally unwrapped!
its a box!
guess wad's inside>>????
A bottle of Mineral water and empty box!!!lol!!!
he was like *doinkkkkk*
bengang dy!
According to Shaun and Chun Yian,dat wan was the so called fake present!hahaha!

here comes the real present!
looks presentable yeah!haha!
Im not very sure wat it is but i think its something like a hard disk!
so hope u like it vincent!=))
I think he likes this present la,see his smiley face!lega abit dy!just now looked so =.="!haha!

Pretty people!=)

Friday, January 22, 2010


Wow!I had an awesome night 2day!
We went to a river-side cafe called Riverine to have our dinner.
The place is really very cozy and the night scenery is so beautiful.
Highly recommended.
We were so hungry until when the food was served we st8 away makan dy!
I totally forgot to take pictures of the food we ordered but it was quite tasty.
I rate it 7/10.
But i rate 9/10 for the environment.
The reason why i didnt rate it as 10/10 cuz there are lots of MOSQUITOES!!!!!
Credits to hub Ken for introducing this lovely place 2 me so that I can bring my besties to enjoy the breeze and authentic Nyonya cuisine there.
Ever since my beatie,Julia came back from Sydney,
We always go out chilling and have fun 2gtr.
It was nice thou I had already spent so much and my pockets are now as dry as desert!=P
She will be leaving in a month' time.
So sad la..=(
Time flies.

The kuehs are made from plastic!
look so damn freaking real man especially the ondeh-ondeh.

Denise, Me and Julia.

Denise and I.

Julia and I.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor.

Hey people!
I saw something which makes me burst into laughter so I would love 2 share with all of u!
I was in KL for this weekends staying @ my bro's place.
While waiting for everyone 2 get ready 2 go out,
I took an old Cleo Magazine 2008 issue and flip them.

After flipping a few pages,
here comes this page!

Wow!It must be really interesting yeah!
HAWT manly bachelors!!
There are 50 finalists chosen for the competition and but 1 of them will be chosen as The Most Eligible Bachelor of 2008.

The 1st to 45th contestants are ok.
not dat bad looking.
But when i saw the 46th bachelor i was like WTH???????!!!
Its KENNY SIA!lol!
I suddenly felt there were too much of laughing gas around me at that moment!
*roll on the floor laughing,giggling*
U see his details!can make u laugh to death!lol!
Luckily he didnt smile n show his teeth!

I think contestant number 8 is super cute!
he is the best looking among all!
I duno who was the winner but most probably its him!
Brian Lau!
dun tell me Kenny Sia won.
however,i think he stands a chance 2 win the funniest bachelor!=)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Must Read!

Time flies!
Today is already the 10th day of 2010!
Apart from that,
Chinese New Year is around the corner.
So did u guys enjoyed so far?
I really hope my life would be better throughout the year!
Im enjoying so far till my pocket run out of $$$$ ! =(

Went 2 Leslie's birthday party at his house yesterday!
u know wut,
I was so damn scared man!
The whole taman dark like hell cuz no electricity!
Im not joking.
Its freaking dark like hell~!!
really cant see anything thou I've already on the lights of the car.
Fyi,I have 2 on HIGHLIGHT!!!!
Eventually the whole road to his place was dark but not as bad as the road to his taman.
I drove alone smr~!
On the way 2 his hse,I sesat-ed n I was so panic,so I called Mr Leslie.

I said : Where is ur hse???very scared leh!so dark!!Im around ur taman dy @ Jalan Delima,11.

Leslie : oh Jalan Delima 11 eh?? Its very hard 4 me 2 explain leh.u just drive ny!!My taman is JD 15.
My birthday special ma dats why no electricity!

Me : *doinkkkkkkk* straight away bengang!*hung up the phone*

So i tried to drive st8 down,n.................................
Thank god!
I found Jalan Delima 15~!!!!!
Leslie's house!!!!
phewwwwwwww~!!i was so relieved! =))

When i stepped into his hse, everyone was sitting outside having candlelight dinner!

An hour later, everything was back 2 normal~!
I think Leslie screwed the TNB like how Namewee did! LOL!
Vivian,Leslie's sis gave me this for me 2 try!
Its strawberry flavoured condom!=P

Oh u dirty minded freak!
dun think serong!
its actually a strawberry flavoured chocolate!!!!
so special rite???~!!
it taste good as well. =))
not bad huh, Taiwan production!

This is a sanitary pad imported from Taiwan.

Dont get fooled!
Its a marshmallow!!
damn cool la those Taiwanese ppl!
I was shocked too at first!
Anyway,thanks for offering,Vivian. =)

Take a look at the words on the chocolate cake.
It is written :
so perasan rite??
he said nobody buy cake for him so he bought it himself!
like dat also can!hahahhahahahahahaha!damn funny!

Leslie and his boss.
Fyi, his boss is a singer n he is already 40!
It was the biggest shock of my life when L told me dat!!
he is also single as well! =)


The worst part was my journey back home,i had 2 walk all d way 2 the car in a dark n quiet taman,
then sesat again!
I drove all d way n ended up at the cementery!!!!!
It was already 1 o'clock sharp!
I faster speed away n managed 2 go bak home safely!
luckily I didnt see any unnecessary "things".
Thank GOD for watching over me!
dats all for 2nite.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Start Ahead.

Happy New Year!
We are now stepping into 2010 !
Its a new beginning for all of us!
so let go all the sadness, revenge and pain!
Lets have new start ahead for us!
Stay happy, healthy
n world peace!

Went Countdown for New year @ Pure Bar with my besties!


On the 2nd day of new year,I went 2 Ben's lovely home for his 21st birthday celebration.
He is officially 21 now!=)
Wishing u all the best, be a successful pharmacist in future!
dun grow upwards anymore, Ben! =P

Ben and Gwen, his lovely gf. =)

Mr Basi helping me 2 get some drinks.

Joshua, Bryan, Daryl and Guan Han.


Food~! Yummy Yummy!

The guys were busy eating and Ben was busy entertaining us!

Here comes the home-made cake by Gwen.
This cake is not a normal one.
It is baked with love specially for Ben!
We all cannot eat!its for Ben's breakfast for the next day!hahahhahahahahaha!
we ate other one =P

Bryan and I.

Keegan aka Taylor Lauther and I. =P

The cake is so nice!
(blueberry cheesecake)
Ken said that his piece of cake is quite small! =P

The Birthday MAN and I!
he has to bend down cuz he is too tall!
Im not short alrite! Dont laugh!

A cupboard full with Cigars!
This is Ben's father's collection!

A cupboard full with hard liquor!
Also Ben's father's collection!
so cool rite!

I look so nice here! not U! =)

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)