Monday, August 31, 2009

Chocolate brownies.

Hi tea set for 2!
on the rack,
bottom to top,

-2 salmon,cheese and tuna sandwiches
-2 salmon flakes crispy pastry
-4 scones with creme and raspberry sauce
-2 choc truffles
-2 sticks of strawberry in choc dip
-2 cups of tea and pistochios biscotti of ur own choice

dat moment i felt like im in heaven~!!!!!
its proven that diane lew is a chocolate monster!
the desserts are available @ Delicious. =)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

celebrating merdeka with my mama this year @ STARBUCKS The Curve.
we are nw @ starbucks on9ing!
she's busy surfing the net and learning how 2 use her macbook!
u see her fruss face!haha =P

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Electric Bicycle.

This is my hsemate's electric bicycle.
i have nvr seen an elecric bike in my life b4!
it uses battery to function.
im not sure how does it works leh!
later i will ask her!
maybe when ur cycling halfway,tired dy,
the bike will cycle automatically n bring u around?haha

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I lurve blogging!
im so into blogging nowadays!
maybe im happy everyday?

i wan my honey,mummy,money,shaggy!
it rhymes??haha!

went bak 2 college again last 2days!
managed to finish my PR assignment!
1003 words..aint easy..
i sat in the computer lab and dothe damn thing for 5 hours!
really wanna thank May for helping me.
Thanks alot Babe!
without u,i duno how 2 submit my assignment to UniSA!
another one more journal to submit!yorrrrrrr

visited La Brioche.
the desserts tere are simply irresistable!!
this is the white choc cake
and fruit tarts!
they look good,taste perfect!haha!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

La Brioche.

Looks like im turning lazy again!
this "lazy" disease always attacks me n i donno why!!
its worse than H1N1 man!
wah,if May knows dat im blogging now she definately gonna screw me man!
we supposed 2 do our assignments now.
but..but..i cant stand damn bored!
may,dun think i duno u curi curi on facebook oso! =P

2day,i went bak 2 my campus.
thanks to my assignments lar.
hv to walk all the way tere 2 discuss with my fren.
luckily i hv a good companion,miss may! =)
im supposed to hv 1 week break wan know!
but u c!im still goin 2 college!
so pathetic!~!

wah,i felt so odd when i see the campus is so empty cuz the whole School of Communication is closed.

but better lar,less diseases!haha!

Bad hair day..

Ta dah~!all we need to do when we have bad hair day is to Tie up our hair~
looks neater rite?! =)

One good reason i like 2 go 2 college everyday is cuz of the pastries and cakes made by the TCHT (Taylor's College Hospitality n Tourism) as well as culinary art students!
their desserts very yummy wan u know!
everyday i buy from the shop "La Brioche" without fail!
im addicted dy.
duno what they put.
maybe not flour,its drugs?lol
they are so superb lar.
everyday different menu,different thing!
2day i tried their cheesecake.not bad lar!
i was too hungry so i ate the apple tart b4 i manage 2 take a pic of it =P

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Team Spirit.

concentrating peeling potato skin.
potato~!ur so nice!
im gonna eat u at 7pm!!

We are still children!haha
we play,we joke,we laugh!

i look like so fierce rite?
like wat i've said in my fb,
i wore this shades is cuz my eyes hurt big time!
the onions are killing me man
pity qer xin,
she was the one who chopped the onions!
luckily im smart!
i wear shades as a protection! =))

at 1st we were busy talking,crapping and laughing..
especially the cheeky wan,ms bainon!haahaa~!
we were so amazed when we went 2 JJ's nest,
it was kinda neat n clean for a single bachelor's nest .=P

This is Jeffrey aka JJ from KK, the cook!
he cooked every single dish 2day.
EXCEPT 4 the rice.
the yummiest rice cooked by miss diane! =)
anyway,the food turned out perfectly cuz of 4 capable kitchen helpers!

1. Pang Qer Xin
2. May Ng
3. Cheryl Bainon
4. Diane Lew

we buka puasa at 7pm sharp~!
woo hoo!!

When we were discussing our assignments at 1st,
we were so bz talking n laughing!
maybe tere's too much laughing gas in the hse!
but we also managed 2 get all the important points at last =)
Had a wonderful day thou it's tiring.
thank you,guys!
love you all.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Life's like a lunch box..
Full of surprises.

You'll nvr know wat u gonna get!

(This is a korean lunch box) =)
taken from Piong Wei Fong's lunchbox

Might be goin to Sunway Pyramid again 2day!
we plan to skate on d ice rink one day. =)

phewwwwww~!finally i've submitted my 1st assignment online to UniSA.
was so damn panic just now!
really hope i can at least a Credit..
duno why im so much more hardworking now in this course compared to A-levels! =p

after submitting our assignments,we went 4 Mr.Ben's PR Class..
once i stepped into the class,i heard my frens telling me,
"diane!we hv 1 week off"!!
i was like, huh????
is this for real ??????
Then Mr. Ben announced that all classes for the whole week are cancelled.
one of our lecturer and 3 students hv tested positive for d Influenza A ( H1N1 ) virus !!
damn scary..
Im not really happy about the 1 week break oso anyway..
i still hv 2 submit my assignments ~ =(
lots more 2 go!

since the class has cancelled,we decided to zoom to d cinema
watched "UP" !
its a cartoon movie which is worth watching!
meaningful and yet funny!
saw so many ppl at the cinema!
d most interesting part-i saw my classmate and his new gal!
according 2 my frens,
they are officially 2gtr 2day!
both of them knew each other in taylor's!
so fast man they progress!
u know who lar heh group 2 peeps?

Sunway pyramid is now my second home already.haha!
i had korean cuisine 4 dinner at sunway again last nite.
im loving korean food!
its kinda yummy especially the "bulgogi" (rice + vege in a stone bowl)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow~!I've been eating alot like a monster lately!
damn scary leh!im always hungry! =(
i hv to stop binge eating!
if not,i will turn fat like last time again!

so,I decided to visit the gym located on the 2nd floor @ my condo with a few of my classmates =)


after about an hour,i was so damn exhausted!
damn tired..
didnt get to nap at all...
went to qer xin's hse after gym
hv to get our journals and assignments done~!
damn stress..keep on think bout all the due dates..
tell u guys,Mass Comm isnt' easy man!
more sleepless nights to come~! =(

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I will just blog about dessert 2day!
nice,sweet,addictive n yet healthy dessert!
im drooling!
im hv sweet tooth!
i love dessert!
i love thong sui!
ok,bak 2 d story..
a friend of mine,jas min recommended me a nice dessert shop
which is opposite asia cafe.
the shop is on the 2nd floor.
called SNOWFLAKE,a taiwanese dessert.
i went 2 try it with piong n ken
when we were tere,the place was full!
luckily we managed 2 get our seats
orelse we have 2 stand and wait
d place is quite small u know!

then,we went to d counter n ordered ur desserts as its self-service

after paying,the cashier gave us this!

ITS A U.F.O!!!!!!

about 10 minutes later,
it blinks!!red alert~!!

tat means our desserts are ready n we can collect it at the counter~!

so dont panic !haha!

this is my dessert!
iced red bean!

u know wat..
b4 i manage 2 take some pictures of ken's n piong's desserts,
they were bz enjoying their desserts dy~!
teruk lar!haha!
Ken summore so gelojoh cuz its too nice dy!
got taro balls smr!LOL
theirs are the signature dessert..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Apparently,everyone says i look better with black hair!
I browsed again my old pictures a couple of days ago and i realized dat my so called 'copper blonde' hair isnt dat bad rite?haha =P
nah,let u guys see my hair colour last time!
( This is for my present classmates =) )

Eh,where's my eyeliner?!!its me without eyeliner!
can recognise me anot??=P
SO black or copper blonde nicer?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Im the chosen 1! =P

Proudly presents...
The next ambassador of MNG replacing Penelope Cruz,
MS DIANE LEW !teehee!*perasan-ness* =P
Credits to my personal 'photographer',MR KEN GUI
for taking this awesome shot of me!LOL!
he's actually a 'KEH-LE-FEH' who tries to tumpang fame!haha!
Nvm nvm,i will make him the next ambassador 4 TOPMAN on 17-08-09!!

I still have d same old lameo look after 6 months!hmmm..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I must say this!please dont 'kembang'!haha!Credits to my buddy,May aka MAY MAY for helping me to make such an awesome template for my blog!we were so bored today during the computer class so we miss-used the computer~!we are supposed to log into our student portal n unisa website to read all those sucky notes but we ended up facebooking and decorating our blogs for the whole lesson~~lol!oh no please dont tell Mr Winston!haha!im lovin' this template so far!=P

i copied and pasted a pic of her in her blog!May!i know how 2 use the com ok?SO DONT LAUGH!=P im helping u to advertise!hahaha

The weather is terribly humit!my poor face cant adapt to it so....................
PIMPLES ARE ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhh~!

Friday, August 7, 2009

in my condo,
i have nothing else better to do!
I camwhore!!haha!

Finally I'm back in Malacca!=)
sat in d car for 4 hours due to the jam
caused by a tragic accident..
typical Malaysian,
they are all "kepoh"(busy body)=P
all the drivers slow down their vehicles
to look at d accident between few lorries!
Well,after passing the accident spot,
the road was super clear~!

thank god i reached home safely..
i feel so good being back home!

Oh yeah!do u guys realised dat
nowadays everywhere is so hazy..
hospitals are all full with many diseases n sick patients
especially H1N1!!
im kinda scared being in my hometown as i heard from Ken,
there are 3 death cases in Malacca recently!

H1N1 is taking its toll on us!
wash ur body n hands too!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Home Sicky Me.

im goin bak 2 KL again..
have been travelling up n down MELAKA-KL for d past few months..
i feel so tired n sad!
i miss home!!!
time flies!
dont really have d time 2 talk 2 my mum n hang out with my friends
sorry guys..

so now in gonna start a new uni life.
the word,"INDEPENDENT" must definately be on my mind
althou im not used to it.
met friends from different states,
different races,
as well as from various countries..
thank god that my housemates are all friendly..
i hope i'll have a new beginning here,
im aiming for a bright future.
i'll work hard 4 it
i wont dissapoint u mum

i promise..
to *Shine with Taylor's*

thanks for all the things you have done for me
all these while!
ur' appreciated!!!
take care of urself when im not with u.

i gtg now..
wont be able 2 update my blog so soon
cuz tere's no internet connection at my place in KL.

lurve you all!muackks~!

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)