Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shot 1..

Shot 2..

wee~yeayy!!im shifting 2 hostel tomorrow!=))
its not really hostel lar..its actually a nice private condo!haha
i've shifted some of my things in already..
just got my keys from a hsemate of mine from IRAQ..
so when i went in to my room,
i was so shocked that my roommate doesnt have a mirror!!
oh no man!!!mirror is such an important thing!
so 2mrw im gonna shift in my gigantic mirror!hehe
saw my roommate 2day n she's pretty sweet!
when i get close 2 her dat time i'll try 2 ask 4 u guys whether she's single anot ok?=P
i haven't meet the other 4 of my im looking forward 2 see them 2mrw..
hope they are nice people!!!
Oh yeah~!my hsemates are all from different countries!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Series Addict!

Im so bored..
hate the feeling im havin' rite now..
whenever im too free,
i will start 2 think of some stupid things
which will makes my heart go oooUU oouu OUUU!!

Currently im so into a singapore series
it's a story about a nyonya
goin tru hardships..
quite interesting
cuz the series was made in melaka =)
its undenyable dat
im a TV addict..
i cant sleep even if i missed an episode..=P
cant imagine if im in KL
hopefully d landlord will fix astro
so dat i can catch all d episodes
if not,i will call n bug my mum n frens about d story!
this is a "MUST WATCH" series!
Astro Channel 301,
if u missed it,dun worry
catch it at 12am-1am

Duno whether MEDIACORP will pay me 4 advertising their production anot!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malay wedding.

Went 2 a Malay wedding 2day.
Started our journey since 11am.
1st visit 2 my mum's new office.not bad =P
Continue our journey with few of her colleagues
The journey 2 Gemas,Negeri Sembilan is super duper far boy..
travelled on a long winding kampung road for bout 2 hours.
super tiring..
passed by all the hills, mountains,rubber estates,oil palm estates,SIME DARBY estates,railway stations,houses n almost everything..
just name an animal n it will st8 away appear in front of ur eyes!haha!

Some pictures i took along the journey..

this is the 1st time i see the historical railway station..the black black thingy is an iron track..the funniest n weirdest thing is we hv 2 pass by the railway track..the traffic light is not functioning..luckily there's no train!haha!

Finally, we reached our destination..phewwww~~

Once i stepped into the resort,i was like so amazed..
wat a high-class Malay Wedding..
i tought its like kampung hse or something like dat..

i dont wanna waste my time anymore
my stomach was calling for FOODDDDDDDDDDDDD already!!

taahhh dahhhh~~!!surprise!dont wanna let u guys see wats inside!
life's like a box of chocolates..u'll nvr know wat u gonna get!=P
we are the VIPs so our food oso special wan lar of course!muahaahahahaha~!=))

After enjoying my meal,i went 2 the stage tere n take a photo of the bride n groom..

WHERE IS HIS WIFE??????he is feeling lost.
busy finding for his beloved bride..haha!

a nice shot of the bride with her pregnant sister!
so gorgeous~
they are both called puteri oso..
when we 1st stepped into the wedding hall,my mum asked,

MUM:Mana puteri??
A YOUNG MAK CIK:puteri yang mane?
MUM:har??puteri le!
A YOUNG MAK CIK:yang besar ke kecik,ade 2 puteri sini tau?
MUM:ooohhh,yang kecik!

LOL!i cant stop laughing man!hahaha!

..poor groom..waiting for his beloved on d stage..=P

Before we go back,the bride gave us some eye-catching gifts which really attracts me..

Last but not least..the cuttest picutre!!!!!

Shaggy loves telur bunga too!Haha!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'd really like to thank you
From the bottom of my heart
And though sometimes words are not enough
There’s no better place to start

Because your always very kind to me
In my times of need
An act i truly regard
As a very noble deed

And though it,aS Said that no 2 person
Can ever be the same
Well if this really is a fact
Then what a crying shame

Because if there were more like you
Amongst the human race
The world would surely be
So much a better place

So in case throughout my busy life
I never take the time
To show my appreciation
I give you this thank you rhyme

I want to tell you "Thank you,"
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient--
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.

Please know I have deep feelings
About your generous act.
I really appreciate you;
You’re special, and that’s a fact!

Thank you,
for accompanying me when im all alone
for loving me
for being there for me
for following my blog
for filling up my stomach =P

Monday, July 13, 2009

50th post!

Some random shots of my bestie n i..

wow!this will be my 50th post after blogging 4 about 3 this counted a lot or very lil? so bored at home now after hibernating for hours..blogging n facebooking are the only entertainment 4 still waiting patiently for all my beloved frens 2 come bak 2 melaka n gather 2gtr again!when??when??i think i have 2 wait.wait until ???? hair reaches my butt!haha..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drag me to hell?????!!!

YER!i hate the ending of the movie DRAG ME TO HELL!oh no man!why must CHRISTINE BROWN die??!!MR director,why dont u end the story with a happy ending??yer!the movie is freaking me out man!i screamed a few times whenever d wicked old lady appears!yucks she is so damn gross man especially her hanky!yucks yucks yucks!everytime i think of dat old lady,i feel like wanna puke!=0

Those who havnt watch that movie,dont miss it!after u guys watched it,u all will know wat im talking about!haha!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My drawing

i drew this picture of shaggy myself cuz i have too much leisure time!so bored at home man!d only companion of mine is shag..he is with me all d time..we eat,watch tv,play and even sleep 2gtr!its undenyable dogs are man's best fren as well as my best fren!haha!he always follows me whenever i go even 2 d toilet!!haha!

my drawing aint dat bad rite??honestly!!i showed this picture to my mum n she was like,why so horrible??!!dont look like shag oso!he is way much cute than this lar..wah,so frank meh?haha!


Shaggy boy BEFORE grooming..

Shaggy boy AFTER grooming!!!

no,u guys didnt see wrongly..*stop rubbing ur eyes* =P..its the same rascal dog of mine called SHAGGY aka SHAG..i only have a dog at home~!so big difference rite?haha!after grooming he looks super skinny with long legs n body!can go 4 modelling!LOL!

Monday, July 6, 2009


omg!LOTUS sports cars!so damn cunted man~!*drooling*
Saw these sporty babes in THE GARDENS shopping mall with my mum ystrdy =) i lurve d white one d most!!i think its only for 1 seater if im not mistaken! =)

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)