Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hottest hunkies!!

daniel henney!!!!do u guys know him?he's a model+actor..mixed asian n western blood n he's one of asian hottest guy!!wow,he is super hawt man!GALS,please dont drool!wipe off ur saliva 4 godness sake!haha!lets make a poll between daniel henney n d well-known takeshi kaneshiro..

               who is better looking>??haha!



popcorn!!!!our favourite snack all d time whenever we go 4 a movie!i love poopy popcorn especially d golden brown ones..sweeeeettttt~~~!=) anyone ups in treating me??haha!

Friday, April 24, 2009


 please cut off all the nonsense n mind ur own business,dudes...too many unnecessary people talking nonsense n creating havoc..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

RIHANNA concert

when is rihanna gonna come 4 her concert in malaysia??i've been waiting 4 her 4 donkey years!what d hell is she doing??so irresponsible!!!oops!excuse my french!haha!D concert supposed 2 be held on d 13th of feb which is on valentines eve...but till now i couldnt get any news from her coming 2 malaysia!i've called 2 company where i bought my ticket from but they said there is no update from rihanna's company yet!omfg!how long do i have 2 wait smr??till my neck turned long like a giraffe?hair turned white like a  monster??your guess is as good as mine..arggggghhh~!

i should have buy LEE HOM concert ticket instead!correct?he is so so so charming n talented without a doubt!=)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Many FACES of me!

gals love 2 camwhore just like guys do!do u guys agree wif me?=)goin bak 2 KL soon!c yah babes..muaxxx..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thanks 4 d sweet memories my dear friends!

they r my cousins..=)

Facial Maniac..

wat a tiring day!!im so exhausted!i went 4 facial with my mum once im back in melaka!so so so so so so sleepy n tired + hot!d weather nowadays is burning hot!according 2 my fren's info,d weather will be extremely humid in d month of march n april!!okayokay,cut da crap off n lets talk bout facial!have u guys been 4 a facial b4?facial hurts big time!!i hate d ''chit chit 'ing' part!but im willing 2 sacrify just 2 look good!NO PAIN,NO GAIN!=)now my face is full of redred dots just like errrrrrrer.....chicken pox!GOSH!how m i supposed 2 go 2 college on monday?i wonder whether my fren will think dat i have chicken pox or sumthing!LOL!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

         dun ever cum near me orelse u will faint!lol!sum WRIGLEY'S EXTRA MINTS plz dear!haha!=)


hehe!this was my reaction after tasting smelly beancurd!=)

food hunt~!

 looks like i have 2 end my diet plan already!on dieting is just so SUFFERING!

           2day i went 2 sri rampai night market n i had one of a special food which is SMELLY BEANCURD recommended by ker huei,my class rep....it was quite long ago since my last visit 2 d stall,but i can still remember how does it smell n taste like!d smell of d beancurd is a KILLER!!but once u've tried it,i bet u will definitely crave 4 more!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


few months bak,i went 2 KLCC with 2 of my besties which was Eevon and Ming Ying as it has been quite sometime since we met! but dont worry the limelight is not on the both of them but rather an unique incident happened HAHA! we went 2 d foodcourt which was rather busy and super crowded during lunch and then the INCIDENT happened beside our table when we was having our lunch. It was a hell of a scene and Me, myself didn't know whether i should have kept quiet or tell the guy about it. The guy was an European or in casual we call 'Mat Salleh'. This joker in my opinion know nuts about our Malaysian culture as I saw him ordering his Roti Canai and as usual it comes with a plate of gravy for example , curry , dhaal and etc. So this Mat Salleh decided to go for dhaal then when he was about to eat , what he actually did was.....


he drank the whole bowl of dhaal which in my eyes was tremendous aka 'sampat' because he actually drunk the whole gravy before consuming the Roti Canai! haha! I was like should i tell him or not the proper way to eat it. But i finally decided let him be and worst still, after drinking the whole bowl of gravy he even gestured to his buddy which was another Mat Salleh that the dhaal was nice haha!i asked 2 of my besties 2 look at him n my besties laugh d hell out of themselves!!lol! This Joker made my DAY!!!! =)


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moody MondAY~

had a very tiring journey bak 2 kl ystrdayyyyy..as usual kl alwiz rain!do u agree with me ,KLrians?rainy days makes me feel moody.so bored!~oh yah yah,i will be taking my MUET exam soon n d worst thing is.... i not yet get myself a reference book!!im soo pressure!i alwiz do things last minute which is a very bad habit!but i cant help it~~~!IM AGAINST THE CLOCK n i have not much time left!!im so cold now *giggling*

p/s  dun be so lazy like me!=)

im studying now..must work harder in order 2 pass my ALEVEL..=)

its time 2 sleep now!i sleep 1st okay?gudnite everyone!~

let me intro him 2 u..he's shaggy aka shag,my precious lil miniature poodle!
he is tryin 2 learn how 2 drive..take a look at his eyes..wink wink!!!he loves 2 wink at people especially 2 his pretty poodle ma which is me!lol!jkjk


hello again!!!=) looks like my diet plan cannot be carried out successfully d!u know why????!!thanks 2 my grandma n my mum!just now i went 2 granny's place..u know wat she did?she took out a box of ferrero rochers to tempt me!oh my oh my goodness!!guess wat..i ate 3 of those which is so called poison 2 me NOW!oh no man!! i've told someone bout this just now!please dun laugh at me!haha!at d same time,mum ask me wana eat donuts anot?kuih??wah!soo many obstacles 4 me 2 carry out my diet plan man!help meeeee~!!if u guys ever caught me eating unhealthy food,plz stop me!shout at me!scold me!!okay?i promise i wont scold bak!lol!=)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

i wanna go on diet!!

omg!im soo dead now..i think i've gained weight!i wanna go on a diet plan!!cakes?ice cream??chocs??nasi lemak??mee goreng??claypot chicken rice??pork mee??i have 2 quit eating those stuffs till im satisfied with my weight!sobbies!i duno whether i got such a strong will power anot!so people,please give me sum motivation!plzzz..i wan my body 2 be like lin chi ling!!hahaha!btw,this is my 1st post in my very very 1st blog!cant believe i will blog!lol!so 2 all my blogger frens,teach me how 2 blog okay??haha!gtg now!~c yah soon in my next post!lurve ya all!!=)

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