Sunday, November 29, 2009


Im so happy on my 19th birthday this year!
I really enjoyed to the blast!
had good food, nice presents, family,frens and my beloved's companion!
most importantly, WISHES from everyone especially those unexpected frens!
if u guys happen to read this post,
im really very happy!
a big thank you to u guys!
oh yeah,i've been waiting for my present from someone!
pandai pandai lar!
u know who u are!
I will remember!
haha! =P

oh yeah,
do u guys realised that i didnt upload any picture of my birthday cake??
the picture will be uploaded soon!soon soon!
it was taken in my fren's camera!
waiting for her to post those pictures!
n this year i've celebrated my birtday for times!!!
so nice!
so enjoyable!

one more time,im gonna go out with one of my bestie,MAY!
she will be coming to Malacca to eat n also 2 visit me lar LOL!
so,i will be her tour guide!
for FREE!
but for a day ny ar! =P

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Is is true that the world is coming to an end on 21.12.2012?

We were warned.

Watch this movie.
Its worth watching.

lets pray hard so that the world will be peaceful.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing those Days.

Clubbing nite @ ROUTE 66,Bangkok, Thailand.

saw a cute lil boy playing this instrument in jak tu jak market!

he is very cute!

this was my 1st visit to Bangkok. i really love dat place!
the food tere are very tasty!

people tere are quite friendly too!


the weather tere is terribly hot!!!

u know wat, the temperature tere is 36 degree!

in malaysia d highest is only till 34 degree if im not mistaken.

i sweat like hell man..

however, I really miss those days !

I wanna travel travel travel travel!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Drama Time!

Mr Reporter, Choy Yee!

I handsome anot??? =P

Crazy scientist, May!

Grim Reaper, Stivi!

Macho anot??
yeng anot???hahahahahhaa

BAd Queen, Money minded Businessman, an innocent gal!
oh Mei Fong the Seducive Policewoman!haha!

wah!poser sial u both!haha!

Ah pek papa,Mindy and Hamsap Businessman,BRAT!haha


finally our Effective Communication course has come to an end!
we have done our solo and group performances!
as u know,i acted as a MC DONALD'S waitress during my solo drama performace which was the 1st assessment and
i acted as a businessman!
a wicked businessman who is a money minded freak!
horny smr!lol!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Outing.

hey peeps~

I havent been blogging with much efforts recently
due to all my course work,drama practise and stuffs.
I really miss my bloggie alot!
I really hope i can pass all the subjects this sem and proceed to the next sem.
god please bless me!
holidays gonna start soon.
sem break for 3 months~
im gonna use the 3 months to blog and enjoy myself to the fullest!
i wanna chANGE To a new hairstyle too!
but i duno which hairstyle suits me!
Im clueless now.

Watched Jennifer's Body @ GSC Dataran Pahlawan with my frens.
yer, didnt know dat the movie was a horror wan!
fOxxy FOx is super scary without make up!lol
But no doubt she's every guy's dream girl
hawt, stunning and sexayyy~!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Should I be a photographer in future? =P

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)