Monday, December 28, 2009


Lets talk about my pet dog, SHAGGY.
he is turning 2 years old soon which is on 1st of Feb!
Im happy to have him around as my companion although he is getting more n more rebellious!
Shaggy, I hope u can stay hyperactive and healthy all the time and live till 100 X 7 years old!dun worry I still will play catching with u all the time~! =P

Exhausted ~!
Out of all the places in my house, he chose to rest in between my mum's slippers! =)

Shaggy Brown's sleeping time. have to wear clothes for him as he sleeps with me in the air-conditioned room everynight.=))

My mum took her slippers off cuz its smelly I think!hahahahaha!

Hi everyone, my fullname is Shaggy Brown!
I can shake hand with u if u wan!
Sorry for the messy look!
im gonna sleep already!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have a surprise for u guys~! =P







My noob look!

found this picture when I was browsing through all the pictures in my lappy!
What a random picture!
I remembered dat day I went out with my bro and his friends, so we all decided to wear like the LAPSAP style!
I think no one can recognize me when I dressed up like that.
nvm,its quite cool thou!LOL!

We are the lapsap!
Come join us, our street fashion! =PP

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve.

Christmas was a special one for me this year.
No longer countdown on the streets packed with people, no longer join the crowd partying in clubs.
I had dinner at Stephanie's place instead. Really enjoyed myself as we were so crazy playing crazy games,drinking alcohol and getting myself update about things happening ~
OMFG , that night was the 1st time ever I drank that much amount of alcohol ever since I was born! =P
i was forced to do so ok? cuz that's the rule of every damn game we played!
I was stoned and began to talk nonsense until my friends asked me not to crap anymore!

# 3 of us
look at my arm! very gross rite?it looks like a huge fugly birth mark!
FYI, dats the satay's shadow! LOl

Pretty Nat and I.

Let me tell u, the guy on the left hand side is the weirdest guy ever~!
see how the way he pose when taking this picture!
he thinks his back looks better than his face =P

I was like ??????
why me have to drink again ?? S.W.E.A.T~

This is the amount of bacardi I have to drink everytime i lost!
I think i drank alotttt of shots dy boy!
Steph said that its Chicks' drink =P

The amount of satays we ate~
damn scary man.
we all can really eat.
FYI, dat amount of satays was the second helping!!!!

(except of K7,the photographer =P )

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

High School Prom.

Dat nite was an unforgettable nite!
how i wish dat time stopped that moment.
maybe we should drag the time back to dat prom night~
i was so glad to see all my frens in high school as well as guy frens~!
As u know I was from a girl school but I have many "good-looking" guy frens!wakakakaka!jk
They are my best buddies!
To all my Taylor's hawties, feel free to tell me if u wan me 2 intro them to u girls !
Trust me, they are nice people =P

i was so busy taking pictures with all of them present in the prom~!
Many of them had big changes till i couldn't recognize them!
know why>?
cuz they are too pretty dy!some even slim down!
then the guys oso turned to me more macho and manly dy!ahahahah~
fantastic boyyyyyy!

This prom was a great wan!
Most of my frens who have been to overseas for further studies also came back for this event~!
the feeling was so nice when we gather together and share with each other all the good old times we had 2gtr when we were in high school!
We have not meet each other ever since after we graduated from high school due to everyone's busy schedules.
in the end we were stoned and drunk !hahaha!
we had a blast thou~!

slept like a pig when i reached home at 4.30 in the morning~! =PPPP

Im looking forward for Stephanie's Christmas Eve gathering this coming thursday~!!!

All the handsome guys =P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I always have problems starting the first sentence in my latest post!=/

Well, fyi, Im having a long sem break now,
I have been staying in my nest 24/7 staring at these 4 walls again n again!
Im rotting soon lar!
I cant just rot at home with Shaggy,
Shag is very bored at home too u know,
must bring him to IKANO for a walk! =))

Planning planning planning and planning to go for a vacation with my frens!
Oh December,

New year?
Year end crazy mega sales???

Christmas going ????
New year going ??????
where to countdown?

*thinking hard*
any idea ?

oh yeah, I just curled my hair permanently.
does it suits me?
nice anot?
My bro said I can enter Zouk anytime as I look more mature!
no need to check IC =P

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Much Love.

the one on the left is an alcoholic drink called Toddy!
its made from preserved coconut.
the coconut flower i think!
Majority of the Indians love to drink it as the price is slightly cheaper than other alcoholic drinks but..
It really taste good when mixed with Guinness stout!


Venue : Port Klang Seafood restaurant.

Happy Birthday to me again!

thanks everyone!

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)