Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Hair Do!

I have a shorter, healthier and straighter hair now!=)
Shall I dye it anot??

Friday, June 11, 2010


(Gigantic ice fruity dessert for 2)
FYI, I ate it all by MYSELF!yes, ALONE!!!

Desserts are always my number 1 favourite choice of food!
I can give up on Mc D, KFC, and other tempting food but not DESSERTS!!
Omg!I crave for it all the time, but sadly there is no proper dessert shop in Damansara area.
so, I wanna open a few dessert shops in future to compete with Snowflake, KTZ, Beans, Sweet Bean and etc.
But then..
Can someone invest some dessert shops in Damansara area for now?=P

I received a bouquet of flowers from someone special!
Its not necessary dat u only can present flowers for frens, family or love one only during Valentine's or other special occasions u know?U can present it anytime out of the blue so that it will be more special!=)
Anyway, thanks alot! I love it! muax!!

My life is so sweet!
I have sweet frens surrounding me!!

Last but not least,
He loves Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits so does its owner!
Sorry, he's a bit messy here cuz he just woke up!

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)