Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Curry Chicken in a Gigantic bread!

Its a must to try this!!
Signature dish: Curry Chicken in the gigantic baked soft bread!
Spotted this shop at Kota Damansara!
So we do not need to go all d way to Kampar or PD to eat it!
There are other flavours like herbal chicken, curry lamb and even salted chicken!
I've only tried the curry chicken flavour so far..
its simply irresistable!
yummy yummy!

There are some instructions on how to cut the bread!

The portion is for 2 to 3 pax. So u can enjoy it with ur family members and friends!
It tastes so nice even till the last bite!*drools*

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maison KL.

"What to wear??????"
I'm facing this problem everyday before going out!
Hmmm!I have so many clothes in my closet but I feel sick with all of it!I felt that most of my clothes are no longer suitable 4 me.
Some are too tight, too loose, ugly, not nice, etc etc..
I wanna re-transform everything in my closet but I dun have d capital to do so..

Maison"ing" wif buddies on Ladies Night.
So damn freaking packed with clubbers dat night.
That was my first time being there
The DJs there are so damn horny!
They asked a few wild and hawt chicks to go on stage to put ice cubes on their breasts for few minutes n even asked whether if they are Virgin in public!

I supposed to wear a white blouse n tie my hair up b4 goin to the club.
But then I think its too formal??
It's more like goin 2 d office rather than club?Haha!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Hair Do!

I have a shorter, healthier and straighter hair now!=)
Shall I dye it anot??

Friday, June 11, 2010


(Gigantic ice fruity dessert for 2)
FYI, I ate it all by MYSELF!yes, ALONE!!!

Desserts are always my number 1 favourite choice of food!
I can give up on Mc D, KFC, and other tempting food but not DESSERTS!!
Omg!I crave for it all the time, but sadly there is no proper dessert shop in Damansara area.
so, I wanna open a few dessert shops in future to compete with Snowflake, KTZ, Beans, Sweet Bean and etc.
But then..
Can someone invest some dessert shops in Damansara area for now?=P

I received a bouquet of flowers from someone special!
Its not necessary dat u only can present flowers for frens, family or love one only during Valentine's or other special occasions u know?U can present it anytime out of the blue so that it will be more special!=)
Anyway, thanks alot! I love it! muax!!

My life is so sweet!
I have sweet frens surrounding me!!

Last but not least,
He loves Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits so does its owner!
Sorry, he's a bit messy here cuz he just woke up!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Im so happy!
Filled my stomach with so much tasty food!
Bro just came from his working trip in Langkawi and Ipoh.
He brought back some local delicacies from Ipoh and most importantly,chocolates from a duty free shop in Langkawi!
Love Love Love!!
So happy seeing many many boxes of my favourite chocs!
As I stated about myself last time in Friendster, Im a Choc Queen!=)

One of my favourite choc!
Kinder bueno.

This is the new flavour.
Its coated with white chocs.

Nyammeh Nayammeh!!The melted cream inside melted my heart!=P

Dont under estimate this thingy!
It taste better than siew pao i tell u!
Im not joking!
I duno what is it called but it looks like the tau sa peng (red bean pastry) I alwiz eat.THIS IS NOT tau sa piah nor siew pau ya.

Taa daah!this is the filling of the super tasty pastry!
In the filling: Meat floss, Egg yolk and Lotus seed paste.
thou it might look simple outside,but it's complicated inside!
so the conclusion is,
Dun judge a book by its cover!
U never know what ur gonna get. =P

This is the shop name,tell and add.Must try it if u have the chance!
If u wanna know the location, I try 2 ask my bro for u!=))

This wan is another "KILLER"!Its damn good especially for nuts lover like me!
this choc is loaded with almond!!every bite also got almond!
wah,Im so satisfied.
But then I have to bear with the consequence which is.......GETTING FATTER & FATTER!

Lastly,this is the fried rice I cooked for myself when I was home alone dat day!!
Pro anot???haha!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Wonder Milk.

Recently, Im so obsessed with cupcakes!!!!

Wonder-milked wif my <3 this afternoon.
It was my first time there,nice environment and lovely cupcakes!
The cupcakes look very impressive as cupcakes are their specialty.
For the environment I rate them 8/10.
Cupcakes: 7/10.
Do not hesitate to visit Wonder Milk at Damansara Uptown.=)

What u guys think abt this hairstyle?
Does it suits me?
Its actually a wig!It looks real rite?
haha!gotcha again!
Kinda like this hairstyle+colour and im thinking of changing to this hairstyle in future!!
Nice nice??

Sunday, May 23, 2010

AFOS @ Sepang

Hi everyone! I'm in the mood of blogging now!
These are the pictures when I was working as a Race Queen in AFOS, Sepang 2010 recently.
The weather there was burning hot till my epidermis layer nearly got burnt!No joke.
No shades AT ALL!
everyone sweat like hell.
Saw so many luxurious cars as well as those modified till super terror wan~

The most amazing thing I saw there was a lady racer!
so damn Stylo!
All the drivers there were guys except for her!
Young chick smr!Not bad huh?
I oso wanna be a racer in future!haha!

At the same time,it was Cherry's birthday.
So 3 of us gave her a kiss!
All the best in ur future undertakings,Cherry!

I seriously think I need to diet dy.
I was the fattest there man!
so gross!
duno why my face so big like bread!=(

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My blog is rusting!!OMG.
I must update something.
But I'm just too busy to do so.
Too little time for everything.
Will try my best to update once Im free!
sorry readers!

Till then.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog of the Day.

So damn fruss with my assignments and the upcoming presentation so I gave up!
Im having my so called 2 weeks of semester break u know!!
Whats the damn point of having holidays when we keep on have to submit assignments n "prepare" for the upcoming ones???
I have an important presentation which is on 5th of May which is also gonna be my dying day.no joke
2mrw only plan what to do.
Damn lazy now
Gonna transform my bad habits into good habits someday.(hope it will come true)=P

When I see this picture in my computer,
Taa daah!!
a smile on my face!
My brown furry kid is so scared of the other dog!So he hide beside my bro and he dont dare 2 move!Then, the white furry kid chased after him and humped him!he was traumatised!FYI,both of them are male!
I have no idea why my kid is so so so so so so scared of the white Shih Tzu.Maybe its eyes are too big???haha!

Both of them are so adorable and they r born in the same year!

This is the "stewpid-est" post ever!!

Picture of the day!=)


Monday, April 19, 2010

PC fair _EPSON

Work work work!!
Worked in Pikom PC Fair 2010 for 3 days in a row.
I see different types of people,different scent of many people.
feel like wanna faint.lol
Had much laughter and fun thou we had 2 stand for so many hours!
Started to miss my friends dy!=(
My event supervisor is kinda bossy n he doesnt like photographers/public 2 take photos of me when I was working.
what can I do when they insisted n offered to take a picture of me?
Dont tell me dat I have to say,No!U cant take pictures of me!
So damn rude isn't?
Arghhh,my face turned black after he told me that.
So in the end ppl said four of us "lanci" (arrogant) when we told them we wont take any pictures when working to the public.=/
Then later we still got take a few pictures.hahahaha!

We are models for Epson.

During the break..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I need a break!
I want to relax my mind...
Even thou Im having my sem break now, Im still so busy with truck loads of assignments which have to be completed ASAP!
GOD!!Can I go 4 a car ride?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mercedes.GP.Petronas.F1 team.

I've been MIA for so long due to my busy schedules.
study and work at the same time just like a superwoman!
ended up being so so so tired like a cow!
overall its worth working as I've gained a lot of experiences and see different types of human behaviour~!
Working life isnt easy!

I worked there for 6 days and i'm glad dat Soo Kui Jien was there for all the days!=P

The crew.

Racing in the circuit by local F1 drivers.

Our heels!

Petronas gave us the shirt which cost RM 360!

My shoes and leggings!

Jing and I~

On the last day of work,we were all given the opportunity to play all the outdoor games!
so i tried everything;kart-racing and something like bungee jump!
it was extremely fun!!!wooo hooo~!!

I saw KLCC below me!!!!hahaha!

CLICK IT n i will love u more!=)