Sunday, May 23, 2010

AFOS @ Sepang

Hi everyone! I'm in the mood of blogging now!
These are the pictures when I was working as a Race Queen in AFOS, Sepang 2010 recently.
The weather there was burning hot till my epidermis layer nearly got burnt!No joke.
No shades AT ALL!
everyone sweat like hell.
Saw so many luxurious cars as well as those modified till super terror wan~

The most amazing thing I saw there was a lady racer!
so damn Stylo!
All the drivers there were guys except for her!
Young chick smr!Not bad huh?
I oso wanna be a racer in future!haha!

At the same time,it was Cherry's birthday.
So 3 of us gave her a kiss!
All the best in ur future undertakings,Cherry!

I seriously think I need to diet dy.
I was the fattest there man!
so gross!
duno why my face so big like bread!=(

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