Saturday, March 20, 2010


Its been forever ever since the last update from me!
My blog is so dead right now..
I wanna apologize to all my readers cuz I've been MIA for so long!
OK,lets talk about what I've done these few days as time is precious rite now.

I was busy working 2 earn some extra pocket money.
thou its really very tiring,its a very good experience for me cuz I can
meet new people and improve my communication skills when communicating with different types of people out there.
my whole body feels so stiff rite now as I stood for about 6 hours in a row.ouchhh~!
The event was grand and it turned out to be successful cuz i can see the whole club was packed thou its only for VVIPs,VIPs,Media,Bloggers and invited guests!
everyone had a blast dat nite.
free flow of Hennessy Long drink all night long!
Dats the reason why i saw so many drunkers!

We are under Hennessy VSOP.

We are in charge of the Hennessy Mixing Bar!



Hennessy VSOP and Hennessy Artistry Chicks!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OK!its time 2 reveal the truth!
everyone,my Bob hair is actually a wig!
I didnt cut it!
Im still having a shiny,silky,long and curly hair just like Taylor Swift's.=P
I will do smtg different in future which is to cut away my beloved long hair 2 a bob hairstyle,but not NOW cuz im broke!
I had already spent alot of money on my hair,seriously no joke..
dats y I very sayang wanna cut it now....

oh yeah,I have shifted 2 a new place!
the hse its quite lovely thou.
I'm satisfied wif it so far.
only wanna complain about the parking!
Its quite scary la..
Everytime I have 2 run 2 my car n lock d door.
Then run to the lift!
I hope the security is strict so dat those bad people wont come in n kidnap me!

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