Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maison KL.

"What to wear??????"
I'm facing this problem everyday before going out!
Hmmm!I have so many clothes in my closet but I feel sick with all of it!I felt that most of my clothes are no longer suitable 4 me.
Some are too tight, too loose, ugly, not nice, etc etc..
I wanna re-transform everything in my closet but I dun have d capital to do so..

Maison"ing" wif buddies on Ladies Night.
So damn freaking packed with clubbers dat night.
That was my first time being there
The DJs there are so damn horny!
They asked a few wild and hawt chicks to go on stage to put ice cubes on their breasts for few minutes n even asked whether if they are Virgin in public!

I supposed to wear a white blouse n tie my hair up b4 goin to the club.
But then I think its too formal??
It's more like goin 2 d office rather than club?Haha!

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